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When you rent a storage room at Pelican, you get much more than a high-quality room, built of strong and safe materials, good lighting - all in a safe environment.

You also get access to our skilled employees, who can help with whatever it may be. Everything takes place at one of our many locations, which are secured and monitored around the clock.

Here you have the opportunity to rent trailers, buy moving equipment and other materials. Your stored items can therefore be safely with us.

Below you will find our various units and solutions that can meet every need.

Classic storage space

With our classic storage space, you can store your items. All our classic storage units feature wall to wall carpet, which protects your belongings.

By default, we have a minimum height of 2.7 meters, which makes it easy to have furniture and other major effects standing upright.

Our locations are temperature controlled, making our classic storage units ideal for storing anything.

A classic storage unit is available from 1 m2 to 50 m2.

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Do you need storage with direct access in a closed area? With a garage, you can easily drive your car directly to your garage and access your stored belongings.

The garages are located in an enclosed area, which makes it possible and safe to use the space in front for unloading and as a work area.

Do you want to use a garage for more than just storage? At Pelican Gladsaxe, several of our garages have large windows that let in a lot of light. In addition, several of the garages have electricity, which makes them ideal to be used a workshop.

Garages are available in sizes from 13 m2 to 270 m2.

Look for units with 'Garage' in the description on the list here.

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With a Showroom, you can take your storage space to new heights, by using the space in many different ways.

You can use the Showroom as a store with a MobilePay solution for payment, a Showroom can be a large and open office with natural light and access to the sidewalk, it can be used as a gallery and studio for artistic projects and many other possibilities. All Showrooms come with natural light and power.

Showrooms are available in sizes from 75 m2 to 160 m2.

Showrooms are currently only available at our Amagerbro location. Call or send us an email, so you can get a tour of the room and hear more about the possibilities that the space has.

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At several of our locations you have the option to rent a locker for smaller storage. A locker can typically store between 4 to 6 moving boxes and is ideal if you are going on an exchange.

Several of our customers also use the lockers for items that are too large for smaller apartments and rooms, but which need to be stored close to one.

Cabinets are available in the size 0.75 m2 to 1 m2.

Look for 'locker' in the list of units here.

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Does your company need a warehouse or an office?

Use one of our storage units to add extra storage to your business by renting business storage at Pelican Self Storage.

As your business begins to grow, space sometimes begins to shrink. If the lack of space forces you out of your own office, renting a storage room can be quite advantageous. At Pelican Self Storage, we are ready to facilitate space expansion with a warehouse for business storage.

Whatever your profession, we have different types of units and sizes to suit your needs. With storage units ranging from 1 m2 to 160 m2 and with the possibility of 6 m to the ceiling, nothing is too big or small - and of course we also offer moving your things through our partner Express Move.

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